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Everyone has good ideas that solve problems. Statistically, 1 out of 100 is a good enough idea to take to market and assess the need in the marketplace. And other ideas are 1 in 1000. Preston Hadley of Hadley Tools has been brainstorming ideas for years to solve big and worthy problems. It can take years to finally land that awesome idea.

We sign and honor NDA's

Hadley Tools will honor your designs, creativity, and intellectual property. And because of this, we promise to always sign an NDA drafted by you! This protects you and Hadley Tools.


Hadley Tools pays 2-5% royalties on innovative and exciting ideas for various tools industries. A vast majority of ideas that succeed and are brought to market will receive 5%. Other ideas may require further development and could have a smaller market dictating smaller margins, meaning a smaller royalty as low as 2%. The cost of bringing a product to market is high. Royalties are more than generous considering Hadley Tools is 100% responsible for the development costs and risks involved in bringing ideas to market.

  • 2-5% is based on what Hadley Tools sells the product for. Whether it is a distributor or at Not what a distributor sells it for.
  • Royalties are paid monthly.
  • We do not pay up front advances for ideas.
  • You do not need to have a patent for your idea.
  • Hadley Tools will patent your idea in your name and Hadley Tools' name.

Instructions for submitting your ideas

  1. Take a video explaining and showing us your idea in 15 to 30 seconds. We want to see you and your product. We want to know who we are doing business with. Any video longer than 30 seconds, you won't be able to email it. You can upload it to YouTube and include the link in your email to us.
  2. Send it to with the video link. Make the subject "New Product Idea". Or submit the form below.


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