Hutch & Son, Inc. - Hadley Tools Partnership

Hutch and Son, Inc. - Evansville

Strategic partnership formed to expand our distribution network within the U.S.

The goal of our distribution partnership with Hutch and Son, Inc. is to expand our market reach in Southwestern Indiana. As well as throughout their extensive online presence and distribution network.

Evansville, Indiana (July 2nd, 2017) – Hutch & Son, Inc. Hutch is your local distributor with a national EDGE.

We are members of EDGE Marketing & Procurement, a distributor-owned buying and marketing group with the strength, expertise, inventory, and sales equivalent to national distributors. We have strategic partnerships with top industry manufacturers and suppliers that have more than 200 product lines. Our 100 independent distributor members have over 190 stocking locations, more than $90 million in inventory and approximately $700 million in annual sales.

Hutch & Son represents the top manufacturers and suppliers in the industry with more than 200 lines. Hutch has access to just about every product you may need.

For more information about Hutch & Son, Inc. you can visit their website.

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