Cat5e Pair Straightener 2.0 - Design and Utility Upgrade


The Problem:
As a Network Technician it can be difficult to strip, untwist, straighten, and terminate Ethernet cable in small and even large professional installations. And time consuming as well as aching to your hands. If you have ever terminated more than 10 Ethernet cables you know the struggle.

The Solution:
A product that easily, effectively straightens and untwists the pairs of Ethernet cable without damaging or stretching them. The Cat5e Ethernet Pair Straightener Tool works much like a comb. With a swiping motion, the tool effectively untwists and straightens the pairs. You are now ready to line the colors up correctly and terminate.

A redesign intended to improve product lead times and quality consistency.

The core principles behind our new redesign of the Cat5e Ethernet Pair Straightener:

  • Facilitate mass production of parts (Molded vs. Machined)
  • Improve product quality and consistency during manufacturing
  • Improve product aesthetics and functionality
  • Implement embedded product branding and packaging
  • Improve utility and mobility (You can attach the tool to anything)

Evansville, Indiana (September 15th, 2019) – Planned production on the new iteration of the Cat5e Ethernet Pair Straightener begins November 1st, 2019.

These parts will be mold injected of the same DuPont™ Delrin® acetal homopolymer plastic material previously used in the legacy machined parts. They will bear the company logo "HADLEY" and website URL: "".

This new iteration will include fully branded packaging with:

  • Product Description
  • Product Instructions
  • QR Code to Demonstration Video
  • UPC Code (For Stocking Systems)

If you find this product of interest. Please contact us.