Brantley Electronic Supply, Inc. - Hadley Tools Partnership

Brantley Electronic Supply, Inc.

Strategic partnership formed to expand our distribution network within the U.S.

The goal of our distribution partnership with Brantley Electronic Supply, Inc. is to expand our market reach in the state of North Carolina. As well as throughout their extensive online presence and distribution network.

Evansville, Indiana (September 7th, 2019) – Brantley Electronic Supply, Inc. first opened in March 1974 in Fayetteville North Carolina. Founded by Eugene and Julliette Brantley, we have always prided ourselves in fast friendly service with low prices.

Over the years, we have become known as the "Technology Candy Store" because of our extensive inventory of electronic accessories, parts and gadgets.

Our customers include military and government agencies, schools and colleges, industry, small businesses, contractors, and regular customers.

For more information about Brantley Electronic Supply, Inc. you can visit their website.

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