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Words from the Founder

Words from the Founder

Hello, my name is Preston Hadley. The owner of Hadley Tools. I am excited to introduce the Cat5e Ethernet Pair Straightener PS-0001. While blistering the tips of my fingers terminating CAT5e. I created this product to alleviate finger pain and decrease termination time. It works like a charm. I hope it does for you as well. - Preston V. Hadley

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Untwist data pairs under 5 seconds

A product that quickly, easily, and effectively straightens, untwists the pairs of ETHERNET Cable without damaging or stretching them. The ETHERNET Pair Straightener works much like a comb. Swipe it several times and you will effectively untwist and straighten your pairs and be ready to line the colors up correctly and terminate.

Solving a Common Problem

  • Ethernet Untwisting/Straightening

    This has forever been a problem for Network Installers/Technicians. A lot of manual labor with blistered fingers and tired hands.

  • The solution

    A simple product that serves one function.Untwist/Straighten Data Pairs, particularly Ethernet Cable.

  • Saving Time As Well

    On average, you can save 20 seconds per termination with our tool. With just a few swipes you will be ready to terminate.